Kim Cunio: Sacred, post drone, maxi- minimalist, early music composer nut has had his music played around the world including performances at the Whitehouse, United Nations, and festivals in many countries. His list of commissioning organisations is significant, including the Olympics, The Art Gallery of NSW, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Foundation for Universal Sacred Music (USA), and many others. The Australia Council for the Arts has funded many of Kim’s projects, and the Australian Government has funded much of his touring. Kim is published by the ABC, Australian Composers and Shiv Shakti music; and records with New World in the US. 


Bearing witness and music composition

“The term bearing witness is commonly accepted as being defined by the Quaker movement, a concept that arose as part of a greater religious commitment to non-violence, opposition to slavery, a modest lifestyle and a commitment to not partake of alcohol …
“In recent time bearing witness has become a conceptual framework to support good reporting. Reporters embed themselves into an event and seek to present it as it actually is, something that the Reuters response to the Iraq War typifies …
“Through five years of war, a team of 100 Reuters correspondents, photographers, cameramen and support staff have strived to deliver news to the world from Iraq – the most dangerous country for the press. These are their personal stories, bearing witness through half a decade of conflict, which has taken the lives of 127 journalists, including seven Reuters staff.


“I joined the Queensland Conservatorium in mid 2009 with an understanding that music making would be my primary mode of research. Many staff in Australian music universities make music, primarily giving concerts and presenting newly composed works. A growing number have also entered into a process of artistic experimentation …”