Jessica Aszodi is a performer, researcher, teacher and curator who has premiered dozens of pieces, organized festivals, written papers and collaborated with a constellation of artists from the far reaches of the musical palate. Aszodi’s performances have been praised for their “…virtuosic whimsy” (New York Times) and “…utmost security and power…” (Chicago Tribune). She has been a soloist on record for Chandos, Ars Publica and Hospital Hill, and on stage with ICE, the Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney Symphony Orchestras, Victorian Opera. She has sung in festivals around the world, including the Melbourne and Adelaide Festivals, Tectonics, Aldeburgh and Tanglewood Festival.


Vocal entanglements

“I am a singer …
“For two months in 2013, I was a fellow of the Tanglewood Music Center in Massachusetts, USA, where I performed in a number of projects …
“My first performance at Tanglewood was in the premiere of Robert Honstein’s We Choose to Go to the Moon, realized by Bretton Brown (piano) Jocelin Pan (viola) and myself, with Dawn Upshaw and John Harbison as coaches. Honstein’s original composition set John F Kennedy’s famed 1962 speech in which he outlined his aspirations for the US space program. The new work was paired with a companion piece, Destination Moon, a light-hearted pop tune from 1951. Honstein prepared an arrangement of the song for our forces, which was specifically influenced by Dinah Washington’s 1963 recording of the song.”

Destination Moon