Erik Griswold is a composer and pianist working in contemporary classical, improvised, and experimental forms.  Particular interests include prepared piano, percussion, environmental music, and music of Sichuan province. Originally from San Diego, and now residing in Brisbane, he composes for adventurous musicians, performs as a soloist and in Clocked Out, and collaborates with musicians, artists, dancers, and poets. His music can be heard on the labels Mode Records, Innova, Room40, Move, Clocked Out and Immediata. Griswold is currently adjunct research fellow at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, and holds a PhD from University of California, San Diego.


The prepared piano

Harmonic Plane
Wallpaper excerpt




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“For the past fifteen years, the prepared piano has been my musical laboratory. The main focus of my musical exploration, it’s provided a springboard from which to dive into new creative streams. Prepared piano has served both as a performance medium and as a hands-on tool for composition and improvisation. Comprising thirty or so major projects, ranging from solo to ensemble, the body of work includes original compositions, arrangements of traditional music (Brazilian, Cuban, and Chinese), and radical reinterpretations of pop, jazz, and blues songs …
“I’m fascinated not only by the sound world – a strange and beautiful percussive orchestra at my fingertips – but also by the cognitive dissonance it creates both for the performer and listener, and by the prepared piano’s subversive nature. In its breadth of applications across musical styles and approaches, prepared piano has become, for me, a lens through which to explore the world.”