I thank the National Endowment for the Arts for making possible the completion of this book.

I also wish to give my heartfelt thanks to the following: Kim Chernin for her warm encouragement and advice; my American mother Julia Davis for a line-by-line edit of the first draft; Peter Carroll for his help on a final restructuring; above all, my wife Judith Levy-Sender whose fluency in the language and personal warmth made contacts with my Spanish family easy and understandable.

I wish to acknowledge the collaboration of Fernando Primo Martínez in Zamora in conducting interviews and researching addresses of informants.

Also, I would like to thank friends of my mother and Spanish relatives who gave unstintingly of their time, especially my aunt Concha Sender Garces whose detailed recollections did so much to make this book possible, my cousins Magdalena and Melchora Maes Barayón for their unswerving loyalty to Amparo’s memory, and cousin Mercedes Kemp who corrected some translations and subsequently translated the book for the Spanish edition. My first stepmother Elizabeth Sauzon, my aunt Marcelle, my mother’s sister Eugenia contributed vital details. Dionisia Diaz Cortes’ children and her cousin María, my childhood friends Maruchi and Pepi Rivera, all added important information as well as Amparo’s piano student María Uria. For details of prison conditions in Zamora I am indebted to Palmira Sanjuan, Leonor Martínez Robles and to Pilar Fidalgo Carasa as well as Dionisio Heredero.

So many of my Spanish family assisted us that it is impossible to name them all here. All I can do is offer my sincere thanks for their collaboration and their warm inclusion of me once more into their lives.



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Further Acknowledgments

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