Rodger Stuart Davis

Book A Walk

Rodger Stuart Davis speaks to us in photographic imagery and poetic commentary as he takes us through a simple and beautiful portrayal of Key West as seen in a walk from and back to the corner of James and Grinnell Streets.

He explains:

“Documentation of the buildings and streets, it’s a part of the Key West story. But without a story it’s just photos of pieces of Key West, not what Key West really is. After twenty years here I’ve been all over this island doing all kind of things, really fine things, and getting to know all kinds of people, really fine people. After twenty years here I am part of the story, another etching on the sidewalk. I’ve always been a fan of synecdoche, a part that represents the whole. Hopefully, what my books will impart will be a representation of the whole, bringing to life that which I love so much about this fascinating island.”



Rodger Stuart Davis grew up in Needham, a suburb of Boston, in the 1950s. He graduated from the University of Miami with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Art. He worked in and around the television industry for twenty-two years in a variety of cities, most of the time shooting and editing video images. While working at a station in Bangor, Maine, he had a mid-life crisis. He put down his video camera and moved to Key West as a blues guitar player.

“I lived the life of a blues guitar player, playing on the street, in bars and restaurants for two years. Add eighteen years and that’s how long I’ve done whatever it takes to live in the Florida Keys with its natural and man-made beauty. Mix the two beauties with an international population of people who don’t fit the mold, and with a maximum speed limit of 45, I think it is paradise. I feel blessed to live here, and to have the time to enjoy it. After years on this island I began to think that I would like to document this place. I ventured into an ongoing project to put out a ‘Photo of the Week’, and it grew from a few friends to a large international list.

“A few years ago as I was having my weekly visit with a dear friend, a housebound neighbor who has been here since the 50’s. Not being able to get out and enjoy the beauty of this town was bringing her down. I decided on another project. Every week I’d walk a block for her, photographing as I walked. Editing them down and cleaning them up, I would email them to her with a paragraph or two as a brief introduction to our ‘Sunday Walk’. To the delight of a few friends, I would forward the walks on to them.